About Mikki

I am Michele Bonutti, or Mikki of JDM, and I began my jewelry-making journey in 2009 after a long career in healthcare.  I learned the basics of wire work then chain maille – always striving to acquire new techniques through books and online videos.  But after taking one beginner silversmithing course in 2015, I knew the possibilities of working with silver were endless.  At the same time, I learned the art of lapidary where my love of natural gemstones and rocks became an obsession and the focus of most of my jewelry designs.

I was recently told that my work “is very unique and could become an heirloom that a mother or daughter would want to pass on to future generations”.  That statement was an extraordinary compliment, but it also made me realize the uniqueness and longevity of my designs has been my primary focus since becoming a silversmith and lapidary artist.  


I work out of my home studio in Harrowsmith, ON and when I am not in my studio you'll find me teaching silversmithing and chain maille at the Tett Creativity & Learning Centre in Kingston, ON.

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