About Mikki

I am Michele Bonutti (Mikki), the artist and creator of JDM.  I was recently told that my work “is very unique and could become an heirloom that a mother or daughter would want to pass on to future generations”.  That was an extraordinary compliment and reaffirmed my initial desire to create one of a kind jewelry that is eye-catching, long-lasting and appeals to women of all ages, as wearable art.

My home studio is in Harrowsmith, ON where I work primarily with sterling silver.  Many of my pieces are inspired by the natural gemstone cabochons I also cut and polish as a lapidary artist.  My design process always starts with a sketch, or sometimes just a doodle, and from there I begin the fabrication steps and techniques that bring my pieces to life.

When I’m not in my studio or showcasing my jewelry at juried and local artisan shows, I take great pleasure in teaching silversmithing and chain maille courses at the Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning in Kingston, ON.